In Stephen Sharer last vlog you saw that Stephen Sharer and Best Friend Twin John and almost TWIN SISTER Grace Sharer were doing a TOP TREND of 2020 TESTING VIRAL TIK TOK LIFE HACKS TRENDS and they are doing a DON’T CHOOSE THE WRONG MYSTERY DRINK (COLOR EDITION). To do this there are multiple rounds in which they must CANDY TASTE TEST to see if they tell the different between colored SNACKS AND WORLDS BEST CANDY as well as other VIRAL FOOD TREND. They also test other foods to see if DO ALL SKITTLES TASTE THE SAME and DO ALL GATORADE COLORS TASTE THE SAME to do a SKITTLES TASTE TEST and GATORADE TASTE TEST. The last thing they do is WE TESTED WORLDS MOST SOUR FOODS and you won’t believe what happens next when Stephen Sharer TRIES MOST SOUR FOOD! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John are on a mission to STEAL BACK THE STOLEN HARD DRIVE with all of the SHARE THE LOVE MERCH FILES on it that the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS took! Stephen and John use their VOICE CHANGER SPY NINJA GADGET to trick ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR into thinking John was her TWIN SISTER KAREN. Stephen then goes UNDERCOVER IN DISGUISE AS MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER to RECOVER STOLEN MERCH COMPUTER GADGET FILES. After dressing up using BEAUTY LIFE HACKS to look the exact same as Karen, Stephen and John create a MASTERMIND PLAN to finally PLAY GAME and STEAL STEPHEN SHARER MERCH STORE FILES BACK!



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