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Welcome back Sharer fam to another epic vlog with Stephen Sharer! I saw how much you Sharers loved the prank videos so I am back again today with another epic prank on my sister Grace Sharer!! Today’s prank is a hilarious delivering 100 pizzas to my sister prank so get ready for some crazy pizza action!! First thing Stephen Sharer has to load up Chase’s car with all 100 pizzas and transform into Pizza Man Steve!! It takes three trips to get all the pizza to the front of the sharer fam house but once it is all there Pizza Man Stephen rings the doorbell and rudely interrupt Grace Sharer and BFF Alex playing Stephen Sharer’s new app Rocket Slide. Grace Sharers and Alex come outside and are extremely confused about why there is so much pizza. Grace Sharer and Alex start freaking out because all that pizza costs $250 two hundred and fifty dollars!! Next part of the epic 100 boxes of pizza prank is to give Grace Sharer and Alex the disgusting anchovy pizza!!! Grace Sharer gives Pizza Man Stephen $300 (an extra big tip) to make sure Pizza Man Stephen to leave! After he gets paid, Stephen Sharer reveals he was the one behind the 100 pizza prank the whole time!!! Stay tuned to the Stephen Sharer channel for more great content coming soon!!


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