Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Steven and his best friend BFF and almost TWIN BROTHER John are on a TOP SECRET SPY MISSION to BREAK INTO MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER Spooky Haunted House to DISCOVER more EVIDENCE CLUES that will lead to Stephen and John finally figuring out if the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is working for the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON like the GAME MASTER and why the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is trying to steal the TOP SECRET TIME MACHINE GADGET COMPUTER. Stephen and John use their SPY NINJA GADGETS and SPY NINJA TRAINING SKILLS like CHAD WILD CLAY to DEFEAT THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR and DISCOVER the CHALLENGE GAMES once and for all.

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œGIANT ZOO ANIMALS FOUND in SHARER FAM HOUSE!! (WHO DELIVERED a CAMEL?!)” you saw Stephen Share and John just got back from SPYING ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR HOUSE using BRAND NEW TOP SECRET SPY GADGETS SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS and have been PRANKED BY MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. This 2020 vlog is one of the WORLDS BIGGEST ZOO PRANKs by filling the SHARER FAM HOUSE WITH FARM ANIMAL NOISES and a petting zoo. You won’t believe what happens next when you see Stephen and Johns reaction to this GREATEST ZOO ANIMAL PRANK OF ALL TIME. Today in Stephen Sharer newest video, Stephen and John break into the Mystery Neighbor house and set up the TOP TRENDY PRANKS OF 2020 to prank the mystery neighbor back after she put the farm animals in the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACK YARD.


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