WE STOLE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR VLOG CAMERA!! (Tracking Device Prank to Reveal True Identity)

We Used The Found Tracking Device to Catch The Mystery Neighbor and Steal The Camera!
In Stephen Sharer last video “ELECTRIC SCOOTER CHASE to SPY ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR!! (Tracking Device Evidence Found)” you saw the Sharer Fam went on a high speed chase to follow the mystery neighbor on an electric scooter. After the neighbor spy fell from doing a scooter trick she dropped her airpod and ran away to hide. But Stephen Sharer, sister Grace Sharer and John ran back home to their Beverly Hills house to search and find the tracking device evidence left behind in the Sharer Fam house. In today’s vlog Stephen and best friend John are prepared to PRANK the mystery neighbor into thinking nobody’s home at the Sharer Family house in Los Angeles, but instead of being home alone they will actually be SPYING on her. Grace Sharer is missing in todays vlog because she is out shopping for arts and craft diy projects. As you know the Sharers discovered a MYSTERY GPS TRACKING DEVICE left behind and LISTENING DEVICE planted in the Sharer Fam House. SO Stephen and John use that to Prank The mystery neighbor. The spy has been doing some vlogging of her own on her camera, and the Sharers are planning to STEAL her vlog camera so they can watch the TOP SECRET evidence as to who she has been talking to, maybe another secret agent. Their secretive plan to TRICK and prank their mystery neighbour involves pretending to call an UBER so she thinks they are gone. But after a few minutes of waiting its HELLO NEIGHBOR because the neighbor is here for her SPY MISSION where she is using her secret vlog camera to film the Sharer House. Steven Sharer and John spot the neighbor going upstairs into the ATTIC. John grabs her vlog camera and Stephen and John upload the SECRET SPY vlog surveillance footage to their Apple Macbook. The clock is ticking! Will the MYSTERY SIM Card evidence download in time?! What will the Sharers find on the camera and what is her evil plan? Maybe a mystery neighbor FACE REVEAL?! #SharerFam forever strong!! Could the mystery neighbor be working for PZ9 or part of Chad Wild Clay CWC spy ninja crew?

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