Phil Spencer has said that there’s still some work Xbox can do on their controllers when referring to Sony’s DualSense in a recent podcast episode.

In a recent podcast appearance on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, the Xbox boss was asked about any peripheral devices that could work on Xbox consoles in the future, to which he replied: “There’s probably some work that we’ll do on the [Xbox] controller” before referring to Sony’s DualSense controller adding that “I think Sony’s done a nice job with their controller and we kind of look at some of that and [think] there are things that we should go do.”

However, in terms of any other future Xbox add ons, Spencer added that the team is “probably not in the more bespoke accessories place right now.” Instead, he adds: “We just look at what happens on Windows and other places and see if there’s a unique opportunity for us. Right now I don’t think there’s anything that’s obvious to me.”

This isn’t the only thing Phil Spencer has been teasing about the future of Xbox, as he also recently stated in an interview that the company is building more narrative games than ever. We know that Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga is definitely in production with Xbox studio Ninja Theory but who knows how many other amazing upcoming Xbox Series X games are currently in the works.

Xbox has recently launched a couple of controller-like accessories too, in the form of its official Designed for Xbox line. The new additions include two iOS-compatible collapsible controllers for players who want to play on the company’s latest endeavor Xbox Cloud Gaming, which aims to give fans Xbox Series X-quality streaming on iOS devices.

The video game company also recently relaunched the Xbox Design Labs again after the service shut down in late 2020, which allows players to design their very own personalized Xbox Series X controller from a range of different colors and patterns. Elsewhere in the video game controller market, Sony has released two new color variations of their DualSense controllers which now come in fancy cosmic red and midnight black.

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