• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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Becky Vardy reveals her surprising reaction if she saw Coleen Rooney in the street

REBEKAH Vardy has extended an olive branch to Coleen Rooney despite losing her High Court libel case, saying: “I’d take her to Caffe Nero.”

The mum of five says she is suffering from PTSD in the wake of the gruelling trial but bears no ill-will to Coleen.

Louis Wood

Rebekah Vardy insists she’d go for a coffee with Coleen Rooney despite their court showdown[/caption]


Coleen reportedly wants Rebekah to pay her entire legal bill after her court win[/caption]

Speaking exclusively to the Sun, she says: “If I saw her in the street tomorrow, I’d ask her if she wanted to go for a Caffe Nero.

“Life is too short to be resentful and hold grudges and be bitter towards someone. That is not me. I am not that person.”

Rebekah is adamant the judge “got it wrong” after she was found guilty of leaking stories to the press.

She now faces legal bills of up to £3million and a potential further lawsuit from Coleen.



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Rebekah has also received a barrage of online abuse from trolls and even been insulted in the stands while watching her husband play football.

She said: “The whole thing has been awful. At its worst, I was worried to be on my own, to leave the house. I was scared to be out in public places.

“Even the smallest things, like going shopping, were horrendous.
“People look at me when I’m out, and I’ve had the odd person saying stuff.

“Everyone always says: ‘These people wouldn’t say things to your face,’ but actually you do get the odd few that go that extra mile.

“People walk past and call me names behind my back. I thought that eventually it would die down, it would go away, but it didn’t. It just got worse and worse.”

Wiping away a tear, she adds: “The abuse I was getting was insane. At the beginning it would be 100 messages a day. I even got letters sent to my home, and some crazy s*** sent over including letters from psychics.

“I was linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, people suggesting I was a member of IS, stuff like that.

“It was as if I’d murdered someone. Every time something happened it was my fault, every time something new broke, it was my fault.”

Louis Wood

Rebekah has received lots of abuse since losing her libel battle[/caption]