• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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Fiendishly tricky optical illusion asks you to spot the frog in under 36 seconds – so can you set a new record?

A TRICKY optical illusion asks you to put your mind to the test to spot the frog in under 36 seconds.

So can you spot it?


Can you spot the frog in the bed of lotus flowers?[/caption]

The optical illusion doesn’t just test your eyesight but also your patience as they ask you to find it in 36 seconds or less.

If you take longer than this, we can assume that either your mind is somewhere else today or maybe you just don’t like frogs.

The image depicts a peaceful pond covered in lotus flowers, with some blooming and others about to blossom.

It also shows fallen brown leaves just to make spotting the frog that little bit harder.



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Frogs are generally found in these areas – but this one has decided to keep itself concealed.

So were you able to find the frog yet?

Here are a few hints if not.

As frogs are green, it’s best to avoid looking for the frog by the brown leaves.

The best way to spot the frog is to try to look out for its eyes in the puzzle, reports Jagran Josh.

Now have you spotted it?

Before you go any further have one last check before the answer is revealed.

Hopefully, you’ve spotted it by now and within 36 seconds, below is the answer.


The frog was hiding in plain sight[/caption]