• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022


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I’m a waitress and here’s why I always give the man the bill – not everyone agrees

A WAITRESS has sparked fiery debate after revealing she always hands the man the bill when she spots couples on dates.

Kaylee Zuniga said she doesn’t even take a moment to ask whether the pair will be splitting the cost as she believes women deserve “princess treatment”.


Kaylee Zuniga has revealed why she always hands the bill to the man[/caption]

She shared her thoughts in a TikTok clip that has been viewed more than 1.3million times.

Kaylee told her followers: “When you’re serving a couple so you automatically give the bill to the man without even asking if they’re going to split it because my girlies deserve nothing less than princess treatment.”

But it has left viewers divided – with some branding the gesture “sexist”.

One person wrote: “It’s also normal now to pay half and half.

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“I would never go out expecting someone to pay for me.

“I’m dating him too, you wine and dine each other.”

A second said: “My mum can’t stand this.

“She will b***h out any waiter or waitress that does this because it’s sexist to assume the man is paying.”

And a third commented: “You don’t even know if it’s a first date.

“First date is different. Just sharing my opinion.”

But others rushed to defend Kaylee.

One viewer said: “All my waitresses do this and y’all have a special place in my heart.”

Another wrote: “No but I actually get so offended when the server asks if we need one check or two.

“Like hunny there is a ring on this finger, go get his check?!”

A third responded: “I love when they do this lmao.”

It comes after another waitress revealed how customers make some very awkward requests.

She said that some diners request to pay for the exact amount they ate – rather than just splitting the bill 50/50.

Acting out her encounter with a customer on her TikTok channel, she told how one woman wanted to pay for the exact amount of bites of food she had.

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Posting under the username @snerixx, she explained that when a customer asked to split the bill, she told her she could split it 50/50 for them or 25/75 – but the guest was much more specific.

Mimicking the guest’s response she said: “Well I know personally, I had three out of those eight mozzarella sticks, and I had about a quarter of the chips over there so if you could just split it that way.”