• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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Mum warns other parents after having her daughter’s birthmark removed

A MUM has warned other parents to check their children’s birthmarks after her daughter’s ‘birthmark’ began to grow.

Reality star Helen Briggs, from Ex on the Beach, warned other parents to check their children after she got her daughter’s removed.


Helen Briggs warned other parents to check their children’s birthmarks for changes[/caption]


Her daughter, Ocean, had her birthmark removed and is awaiting results[/caption]

Helen, from Liverpool, England, explained that the birthmark had changed shape and urged other parents to keep an eye on what might seemingly be an innocent birthmark after the ordeal.

The mum-of-two wrote on Instagram: “Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on here & explain a little what Ocean had done at @greatormondst in London.

“Ocean was born with a birthmark on her chest which never bothered her or us but over the past 6 months, a black dot appeared which grew bigger & darker along with her birthmark (it’s really changed shape since she was born).

“I took her to the doctors about it who were a little unsure what it was, so they advised us to get it removed & have a biopsy on it so here we are today in London visiting for 2 days. She was so brave & is recovering so well.”



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Helen said the process was completely worth it and extremely quick – taking a month from the initial doctor’s checkup to the mole’s removal.

She added: “I just wanted to make parents aware if you ever have doubts please please go see a doctor and get some advice. Ocean is absolutely fine & still her cheeky happy self,” she said.

“I just wanted to thank all the nurses and doctors at Great Ormond Street, they were absolutely wonderful, so kind & helpful I trusted them with my daughter & they didn’t disappoint so thank you.”

Helen is still waiting on the test results and said she would update followers when the family knows more.

Parents were quick to send supportive messages to the family in the comments section of the post.

One wrote: “What a brave girl. Well done for trusting your instincts x”

Another commented: “Thank you for sharing and educating parents.”

This happened to me when I was a baby,” shared another user. “They removed if from my face. I don’t remember any of it [and] she probably won’t.”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “My baby has a strawberry birth mark under her chin, it’s deffo got bigger in 8 months but keeping an eye on it. Thank you for the awareness.”

The NHS website recommends seeing your GP if you are worried about a birthmark for whatever reason.


Helen praised the hospital for seeing her daughter so quickly and efficiently[/caption]


Helen received plenty of support from other parents for sharing her story[/caption]