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Neighbours fans break down in tears as producer shares ‘beautiful’ scene cut from finale

DISTRAUGHT Neighbours fans were in tears reading a ‘beautiful’ scene that didn’t make the final episode.

The show came to an end after 37 years this week, with the finale first airing Down Under on Thursday.


A Neighbours writer revealed a beautiful scene that didn’t make the cut in the finale[/caption]


The script showed a tender moment between Melanie and Callum before the wedding[/caption]

The main premise of the finale was Toadie (Ryan Moloney) preparing to marry fiancee Melanie, and he received well wishes from lots of his pals via Zoom, allowing the show to squeeze in a number of cameos in one go.

One scene that didn’t make the cut, was Toadie’s oldest son Callum welcoming Melanie to the family.

Script producer, Shane Isheev, shared the tender moment on Twitter saying it his ‘favourite’ to write.

Callum gifts Melanie a glass pig ornament moments before the wedding which brings her to tears.

“Do you like it? Dad said you were into pigs,” Callum says in the unaired scene.

Melanie responds: “Callum, it’s perfect”.

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Callum tells her: “It’s my way of welcoming you into the family,” and that after his mum died he “worried a lot about Dad and the kids”.

“Especially living so far away. But I realised the other day, all that worrying has stopped.

“It’s because you’re here. Thank you for making our family whole again,” Callum says.

Melanie wipes away her tears, saying: “I thought you said no more mushy stuff,” and they hug.

Sharing an image of the script Shane revealed: “This was my favourite moment to write…

“Unfortunately it was cut short for time, so we never got Callum’s beautiful speech. @CowdenLucinda was brilliant (as always) #NeighboursFinale#Neighbours.”

Fans loved the insight into the scene.

“What a lovely speech, beautifully written,” commented one person.

Another added: “What beautiful words and it would have been a very emotional scene and a ideal way to respect Sonia past but an ideal way to look the future for Toadie and Melanie.”

And a third wrote: “I’m crying just reading it!

The familiar faces who popped up included Margot Robbie as Donna, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Delta Goodrem as Nina and Jesse Spencer as Billy Kennedy.

Elsewhere, away from Ramsay Street, there was a scene that saw Natalie Imbruglia return as Beth alongside Holly Valance as Flick, with the two strangers chatting before realising they both lived on the Erinsborough cul-de-sac.

Back on Ramsay Street, Guy Pearce returned as Mike Young and viewers were delighted to see him rekindle his romance with Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

He also confirmed fan speculation that Sam (Henrietta Graham) is his daughter.

As if that wasn’t enough, a green mini also pulled into the street with Especially For You playing on the radio.

Out hopped Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, back together as Scott and Charlene, with Kylie sporting her characters classic denim.

In a nod to how she first appeared on the show, Charlene broke into Harold’s house because no one is home, before things moved back to the wedding reception on the street.

Susan was now happy to see all her neighbours around her, and was glad to learn they had all decided to stay living on the street after all.

The character then said in a voiceover as she walked among all the characters: “Everyone deserves a place in the history of Ramsay Street.”

The ghost of Madge Bishop, Doug Willis, Sonya Rebecchi (Toadie’s wife) and Finn Kelly.

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Susan continued: “Even those who watched us from afar. Together, we have been the perfect blend.”

Her husband Karl then snapped her out of her monologue and asked: “Susan, where were you just then?” to which she replied: “I was home.”


The episode saw Toadie get married – hopefully for the last time – and some old faces return[/caption]

Channel 5

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue reprised their roles as Scott and Charlene[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture desk

Oscar nominated actress Margot Robbie also made an appearance[/caption]


Guy Pearce had a starring role in the finale[/caption]