• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


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Skyrim mod turns Dragon Priest masks into cursed JJBA cosplay

Skyrim mod turns Dragon Priest masks into cursed JJBA cosplay

A new Skyrim mod inspired by the Stone Masks of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure turns the Dragon Priest masks into cursed JJBA cosplay. The overhaul to the RPG game system turns the masks from simple equippable pieces of armour into powerful, dangerous artifacts that bind to the wearer and imbue them with the spirits of the Dragon Priests themselves.

The Curse of the Dragon Priests mod by creator grasscid takes inspiration from popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – specifically the stone masks which appear in its first two parts. Much like the masks of JJBA, these new Skyrim masks cannot simply be equipped from your inventory. Instead, upon activation, the mask will forcibly bind itself to your face, “having the Dragon Priest possess and reshape your flesh entirely for himself.”

The longer you keep the mask on, the stronger its power will grow – reaching up to 4x its base potency and, in some cases, gaining additional effects. For example, Volsung’s mask, which grants you additional carry weight, cheaper store prices, and underwater breathing, also adds the ability to walk on water from the third stage of growth onwards. Hevnoraak’s mask, which makes the wearer immune to all forms of disease and poison, also ramps up your armour effectiveness as it gets stronger.

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