• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


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Summerslam 2022 Results, Review, And Major Surprises

The only way to describe Summerslam 2022 is “wild.” WWE’s July PPV/PLE aired on Peacock and there were some incredible moments. One of the biggest moments was Brock Lesnar bringing a tractor to the ring, then lifting the entire ring during the match. That’s not a joke. That happened.

The event took place at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. If you missed out on the show, don’t worry, you can check out the final results and a review of Summerslam 2022 below.

With five WWE Championships on the line over the course of the July 30 evening, there was a lot to keep track of. The biggest match on the card was Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns taking on Brock Lesnar for both of the head of the table’s titles. This wasn’t the first time the two have faced each other, one on one, at a PPV. They’ve squared off against each other at Wrestlemania 31 (2015), Wrestlemania 34 (2018), Greatest Royal Rumble (2018), Summerslam (2018), Crown Jewel (2021), and Wrestlemania 38 (2022). However, no one saw the outcome of the match–which involved a tractor.

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