• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


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The best management games on PC 2022

The best management games on PC 2022

The best management games are all about being the one in charge. Whether it’s yelling at the England manager, cursing those clowns in Congress for doing it again (seriously, what a bunch of clowns), or laughing at Bryce Dallas Howard for running away from dinosaurs in high heels, we all think we could do better.

This explains why management games have remained one of the most enduring and popular genres in PC gaming. It helps that managing balance sheets, planning cities, and bossing staff around is so easily translated to the keyboard and mouse.

From the early days of city building in SimCity to refining tactics in Championship Manager, through to the more recent classics we’ve got below, the humble management sim accounts for some of the best PC games of all time – not to mention the most addictive. These management games will eat your life away like no other, but every hour spent laying electricity cables, tweaking prices, or adding extra toilets is time well spent, so read on for a roundup of the very finest. Just remember to try and get some sleep, yeah?

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