• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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We run one of the CHEAPEST petrol stations in Britain… we’re sick of high prices and want to help people

A FATHER and son duo are running one of the CHEAPEST petrol stations in Britain – all because they’re “sick” of high prices.

Son Sam and his dad Marcus Ansloos set a goal to have the lowest cost of fuel in North Wales – and their independent Plas Acton Garage in Wrexham might well be.

Sam and Marcus Ansloos took over Plas Acton Garage in Wrexham in April

Cars from the local community can often be seen queueing up round the corner for the great value rates – supplies sometimes run out before the end of each day.

The local heroes Sam and Marcus only took over the business in April this year as fuel costs were skyrocketing.

Generously, they decided to keep their prices “as low as physically possible” to help out hard-up residents with the rising cost of living.

The average price of petrol was 186.67p this week, and for diesel, it’s 195.91p, according to latest Government figures.

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Today Plas Acton was charging 167.9p for petrol – almost 20p cheaper than the national average.

Sam told North Wales Live: “We set a goal to become the cheapest petrol station in North Wales to help our community in Wrexham and the surrounding areas.

“I’m really proud to have held the local title now for over three weeks.”

Their price tag today beat nearby branches of supermarket chains including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asdadespite their recent cost cut.

Sam explained: “Our buying prices go up and down regularly but, when the price drops, a lot of places don’t reduce prices at the pump.

“We were getting people complaining about the price of fuel, and we’re also sick of it ourselves as we also pay through the nose to buy the fuel for our own cars – so we wanted to do something about it.”

Recently, the dynamic duo have started issuing a loyalty scheme to help customers save even more pennies.

The “no strings attached” discount cards strike a penny off every litre on the pump price, meaning on roughly 50 litres of fuel drivers save 50p.

Local residents have taken to social media in praise of the garage’s generosity and selflessness amid the difficult times.

One commented on Facebook: “Have just been to Costco and with the lifetime1p off a litre you are exactly the same price.

“That has to be a fantastic achievement keeping up with a massive company like Costco and the turn over they have! Well done Plas Acton! X”

Another added: “No, it should be us thanking you [thumbs up emojis] putting the big boys to absolute shame.”

Others wrote, “Superb from you boys” and “Brilliant garage xx”.

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Petrol prices are currently going up because of the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe.

The price of Brent crude oil hit a seven-year high of $99 due to concerns over the reliability of supplies almost as soon as Russian troops entered eastern Ukraine last month.

The father and son duo are proud to have the cheapest fuel costs in Wrexham