• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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With its latest update, the luxury Game Boy replica Analogue Pocket just got a lot more interesting

The Analogue Pocket, the gorgeous but expensive modern Game Boy replacement, gets its first major update today – and it’s bringing with it significant new features.

The new features added today are headlined by the introduction of ‘openFPGA’, something which is an impressive new string to the Analogue Pocket’s bow – while also being a feature that has ruffled feathers in the wider retro gaming community. The update also includes the much-anticipated 1.1 update to the Pocket’s operating system. Which is a bigger deal that it sounds.

Peacockingly described by Analogue as “the future of video game preservation”, openFPGA basically opens up the Analogue Pocket hardware to make it an ecosystem for deploying emulation of other gaming hardware on them device – all using the game-changing FPGA technique.

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