• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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I have ‘full thighs’ & found the best anti-chafing shorts – they gave my sweaty legs some much-needed relief

SWEAT-inducing summer temps and thick thighs can be a pretty uncomfortable combination.

There’s nothing like between-the-legs chafing to take the fun and ease out of wearing a sundress – but one New York woman says she’s found the solution.

Sweating in skirts and dresses can lead to uncomfortable chafing between the thighs
Thigh Society/Instagram
Thigh Society/Instagram

Thigh Society’s slip shorts, $37 are earning rave reviews[/caption]

Writing for the Daily Beast, Cassandra Brooklyn admitted she has “a lot of thigh and butt sweat going on.”

“I’m a serial sweater year-round, but summer is just especially moist and musty,” she said.

Cassandra has muscular legs from cycling – which can be a bit of an issue when she’s not wearing bike shorts.

“As a cyclist, I have pretty strong, fit legs, but I’ve never been able to get rid of my inner thigh chub, meaning my thighs sweat and chafe, and if gone unchecked, I eventually wind up with painful red bumps that discourage me from wearing skirts and dresses,” she wrote.

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Recently, she found a solution.

While traveling in the Middle East, someone gave her a pair of Thigh Society shorts, which she put on under a dress.

“As soon as I put on the anti-chafing shorts, I immediately knew they’d be a game changer,” she wrote.

The brand makes four styles of shorts – original, cotton, a cooling version, and the “staple” – and they come in four lengths, lots of different sizes, and a few colors.

“These anti-chafing shorts by Thigh Society are a serious game changer for those of us blessed with full thighs,” she said.

Customers have also raved about the shorts, which go for $37 per pair.

“Where have you been all my life? These are the most non-compressive shorts I have worn. Loooove them. Will be buying more,” wrote one in a review on the brand’s site.

“I wore my new slip shorts to a wedding and they were so comfortable. They were so great that I forgot I had them on,” wrote another.

“Pleasantly surprised how great this item is! Exceeded my expectations!” added a third.

Cassandra recommends buying several pairs – but if the $37 price tag is too much, there are plenty of other options available online, searchable by “anti-chafing shorts” or “slip shorts.”

One, by the brand Bestena, is available for $13.99 on Amazon and comes in black, white, and nude.

Thigh Society/Instagram

‘These anti-chafing shorts by Thigh Society are a serious game changer for those of us blessed with full thighs,’ writes Cassandra Brooklyn (not pictured)[/caption]