• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022


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I’m an interior design pro – 3 cheap ways to make your home look more expensive on a budget

OBSESSED with the luxury house aesthetic? Here are three ways to make your home appear more expensive for half the price.

A TikTok interior design enthusiast who goes by @isabellasloft shared her take on three easy, budget-friendly decor hacks that will make your house look more expensive.

TikToker @isabellasloft shared her tips on inexpensive home decor hacks
She suggests a balancing technique to make your home appear expensive.


Redesigning your home can be stressful, from choosing the perfect pieces and where to put them.

But the way to tackle your redesign is to find quick, easy techniques that interior designers use to revamp households.

Isabella suggests a symmetrical technique that helps hone in the luxurious decor aesthetic.

She said: “Interior designers use a technique called reflectional symmetry.”

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“If you were to cut the design in half, the left and the right sides would be identical, using this technique to create balance,” she continued.


In the clip, Isabella provides a solution to make your bedroom appear larger with only two items.

She suggests: “To make your bedroom appear larger and more luxurious, add mirrors behind each nightstand.”

She demonstrates adding two mirrors to her black nightstands.

The balance of the double mirrors opens up the room as she suggests.

In addition, she followed the interior design technique of reflectional symmetry by placing two identical lamps on the nightstands.

In the comments, someone asked, “how tall should I put the mirrors?” as they try to replicate the look.

The TikToker suggests “to match the top of my art in the center! But completely up to you.”

The Bathroom

For those who want to recreate luxurious hotel bathroom vibes in their home, Isabella suggests one easy hack.

She answers the question that many have, “How to make your bathroom look more expensive?”

“To create that luxurious hotel feels in your bathroom, have all white plush towels,” she says.

“They will look amazing in your bathroom and in your linen closets and make such a big difference.”

In the video, she demonstrates different areas to place your plush towels, including a shelf and the bathroom counter.

Don’t forget that luxurious hotel towels are always folded neatly, giving a clean look.

So when using your towels as decor, take the extra step to fold them in a unique way.

Many viewers commented on the series of videos in excitement to try it themselves.

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“Need to do this,” one person commented.

“Ooo love this tip! 😍🙌,” another person said.

Plush towels provide a luxurious feel to your bathroom
Add plush towels to your bathroom decor for an expensive look
Bedroom before adding double mirrors
Bedroom after adding double mirrors and balancing technique using the two lamps.