• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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Passenger orders vegan meal on flight – but is served the ‘saddest plane food ever’

A PASSENGER who ordered a vegan meal for their flight was instead served the “saddest plane food ever”.

Sharing the image on Reddit, they explained that they pre-ordered it on their American Airlines flight.


A passenger was stunned by their vegan meal during a flight[/caption]

They wrote: “Reserved a vegan meal on my American Airlines flight. This is what they gave me.”

The image showed a dry roll with two pieces of cucumber and tomato with a single piece of lettuce on it, and no dressing.

Lots of people on Reddit were just as stunned, with some calling it a “disgrace”.

One person wrote: “This might take the cake for saddest airplane food I’ve seen.”

Someone else joked: “Reminds me of the infamous Fyre Festival gourmet sandwich.”

Lots of other people shared their own horror stories.

One Redditor wrote: “I once got half a tin of kidney beans on an Alitalia flight. The people next to me had fruit as a dessert, I got a glass of water.”

Another person was given just “boiled veg and rice” during a long-haul flight as a vegan.

But it isn’t all bad as some passengers said they had great vegan food during their flight.

A British Airways passenger said they had a “full-on chana masala” while someone on Condor said the standard meal on the flight was vegan which was tomato pasta.

Sun Online Travel contacted American Airlines for comment.

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