• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022


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Extremely Rare White Humpback Whale Washes Up Dead On Australian Beach – LiveScience

Can you say, “leucistic”? I knew you could! This particular specimen who washed ashore in Victoria, Australia stood out like a marble sculpture thanks to her striking, white skin. Don’t despair, true believer, as Harry Baker and Australian cetacean biologists are fairly certain this whale isn’t Migaloo. Still quite a rare event to witness. Also going viral on the ‘net this week was a humpback whale smashing into a boat. It’s a darn sight less terrifying than kayakers being nearly swallowed by a humpback whale but folks are still wondering Why Did This Whale Smack Into a Boat? On a bet? Sticking it to mankind for centuries of exploitation and genocide? We wish… but it seems it was merely an accident arising from the congregation of humans, whales, and… herring in a small area writes Amanda Heidt. (CS)

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